From the President General:- Let's join together to move Abacha Town Forward. Remember that We need Abacha; But Abacha Needs Us More!!!!!
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“One Helping One To Uplift ALL .”


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"Abacha indigenes in Diaspora are valuable asset and catalyst in drive to reform Abacha town" declares PG.  Read on….

Some pictures taken during Abacha Youths' Peace Movement Soccer Tournaments - December 2012

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Abacha youths recognized the above old advisory statement during their December 2012 holidays.  They also recognized that idle mind provides ideal environment for the devil to establish his workshop.  With these in mind, Abacha youths initiated and formed soccer (football) leagues and organized a tournament during the Christmas season.

The tournament was not only successful, but it was also a great entertainment for the entire people of Abacha town, both those at home and those who came home for Christmas festivity. Who says Abacha town is not great? That person must be living in a different planet and out of touch with reality. Well done Abacha youths and congratulations.

Thanks to our present ADU President General, Mr. J. U. Ubah, whose leadership is helping to transform Abacha town and lift it to the prestige it deserves. Thanks to all Abacha people who are working towards unity and progress in Abacha town.


PG - ADU - Amb. J.U. Ubah